Sunday, July 5, 2009

June 27-28, 2009: My Son, what would you think...

  • Of the mobile lounges at Dulles airport. Rooms on wheels with a view of other rolling rooms, taxing planes, luggage carts, and fuel trucks all weaving a drunken dance together. What would this mean to you?
  • Of God's economy and the fact that both United Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines waived the baggage fee for our extra luggage containing donations for Hannah's Hope (HH)? You cannot begin to understand how unlikely this is during such economic times. Do you know that we are in hard economic times? Have you seen a difference? Do you know that we gave this money to God and promised that if it was not used for the luggage fee it would be donated to HH? The money will help your friends, would this make you happy?

  • Of our first glimpse of continental Europe, the rolling French topography, the tiny little quilt patch fields as compared to the massive ones in America, the Mountains rushing right down to the Mediterranean Sea?

  • Of landing in Rome? Does our first stop in Europe matter to you? Do you have any concept of the impact this city has had on the the history of the world? How could you?
  • Of flying over the Mediterranean Sea. Have you any idea the culture and history that has happened around this Sea?
  • Of flying over Africa for the first time, seeing the Nile, and the endless tan smudge that is the Sahara?

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  1. so glad they waived your extra luggage fee!