Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The joy of blowing bubbles

Monday. The first day back to work after returning home from Ethiopia. Due to my surgery and difficult recovery earlier this year I cannot take the time off that I would so dearly love to take; to stay home another day -- another week -- with my wife and son would be bliss.

The day is a good one. My heart is light in a way that I never expected. I can hardly wait just to get home. 4:30: time to go! Will he remember me? Has the day with mama erased me from his memory? So many transient faces in his young life - did the memory of mine stick?

As I cut the ignition in the garage, out of the house bursts a beaming child squealing "Ababa, Ababa!" The delight is evident. My heart leaps as the power of my first "daddy's home!" moment floods over me.

We sit and blow bubbles on the front porch for half an hour while we wait for supper. Who could have believed it? The joy of blowing bubbles...


  1. awww...I love it! "Ababa!"..it reminds me so much of "Abba"! I have to look at the picture of the three of you standing in your driveway every single day! I LOVE that picture! ;-)