Sunday, July 12, 2009

A great weekend

This has been SUCH a good weekend. I must confess that I was getting a bit tired of the "stay-at-home-Mom" gig by the end of last week, but after a wonderful weekend with all three of us together, I feel ready to face another week again.

On Saturday morning, David and I took Yikealo over to James and Susan's house to play with his cousins while Susan went to do some shopping for once WITHOUT four kids tagging along. He had a lot of fun on their slide and with all of their outdoor toys, although the sheer amount of things to do definitely had him a bit overwhelmed. He would stay with something for about 15 seconds before he was hurrying on to the next toy - I think he was getting a bit dizzy running back and forth. Once he discovered the swings and slide though, he pretty much stayed put!

In the afternoon, he took a much needed three hour nap - Oh joy!!! David and I actually had some nice time together which was lovely after two weeks of trying to adjust to "the three of us." In the evening, we had pizza, which he loved, and then he had a great time helping Ababa wash the car. Why does he love to get wet anytime but in the bath?

This morning we tried out the concept of church. David's Dad is a minister in our congregation, and it was his turn to have the service at our local nursing home, so we decided to try it with Yikealo. It is a very short service for a relatively small group of people - unlike two services and lunch at our church of 400+ people, so we figured it would be a good place to start. He did so good - he sat really quietly and played with his toys, which completely shocked both of us.

After his nap this afternoon, he was a ball of fun. He was just so happy and playful, and he and I had lots of fun wrestling around on the floor. He keeps us constantly entertained with the goofy faces that he makes, and he's especially good at pulling one right as he's about to get into trouble.

Later, David's parents came over and brought us dinner, and he did really well until it was time for them to leave. Then it was total meltdown time - he cried and cried, until we distracted him with fruit snacks and a walk. It's funny - I've discovered that meltdowns can almost always be stopped by offering a small amount of food. The other thing that I think we've learned this weekend is that we might be better off going to visit other people than having them come to us. He has done great whenever we've been somewhere else and it is time to leave. He's always thrilled to get back in his car seat in his "mekina" (car) and go back to his house. He usually crows with delight when he sees our house, and often kisses it when he gets up to the door. If someone comes to our house though, he usually has a fit when it is time for them to leave. I don't know if he starts to think of them as "his" or if he is just remembering way too many goodbyes to people that he really misses now.

Anyway, after the fruit snacks, he was back to his happy, singing self again, and he went to bed just great this evening. We'll see what new things this week brings us!


  1. What a precious boy! I LOVE his silly faces! It has been so much fun to follow along on your family's adventures, all the first-time parenting moments & some of the similarities of our boys (long nappers, NO appreciation for shows of affection between daddy & mommy, loving the water, etc). Praying for a week filled with joy as you continue the transition to your life with Yikealo.

  2. cute!! Love those expressions!