Monday, July 27, 2009

Our cats don't nah

A fly on the wall at our house may observe -- and rightly so -- that the vocabulary of the two college educated inhabitants has been reduced to four monosyllabic words:
  1. Aiy - no
  2. Kum - stop
  3. Koy - wait
  4. Nah - come here
While limited in breadth, this dialect definitely has a robust scalability allowing us to communicate messages beyond those discernible on the surface. We have found by varying the order, frequency, and volume of these fours simple words that a rich world of playfulness, seriousness, and frustration can all be expressed.
We have, however, hit a snag. While Yikealo responds to these words better than I would have expected from a four year old, the two denizen cats have refused to adapt. Just this morning -- I kid you not -- I told Frankie "aiy" twice while she was trying to barge into the bathroom while I was using some Drano on the tub. Neither iteration was as effective as closing the door on her.
Also, Yikealo has expressed significant frustration over the fact that neither Frankie or Cleo will "nah". Larisa even let this slip the other day when calling the cats. All the cat owners reading this post won't be surprised, but our cats definitely don't nah. They are bilingually insubordinate.

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