Friday, November 23, 2012


Today, on this weekend of giving thanks, we are celebrating 5 months home with Sintayehu. It feels like he's been part of our lives forever, and yet there are still days when the realization that I have 2 little boys catches me by surprise for a moment! He is doing so well...since his arrival in America he has grown almost 3 inches, he has gained 4 pounds, and learned to communicate with us in spite of not speaking a lot of English yet. He adores his Mommy, he has made his peace with "Dod" (as he calls David), and he loves his big brother most of the time. He is loud, and funny, and joyful and so much fun, and we love having him in our home.

Are there hard days? Sure. This child knows exactly where my buttons are, and he has become adept at stomping all over them during his moments of grieving. Even during those times though, I stand in awe of how far God has brought him. November is National Adoption Month, and I am so grateful for the chance to know and love this energetic, full-of-life little boy. I praise Jesus for the changes that He has brought into Sintayehu's life during this last year! All glory to Him!