Saturday, July 11, 2009

Daddy's boy

Yikealo ADORES his Ababa (Daddy.) He likes me just fine if David is not around, but when David IS here, Mom can just forget about any lovin' from the boy. As I type this, the two of them are upstairs shouting at the top of their lungs: Yikealo is attempting to teach Ababa a song in Amharic, and believe me, this child does NOTHING quietly! His shirt today (a gift from my Mom) says "Daddy's my HERO," and that just about sums it up. He cannot stand it when I hug David - that lower lip sticks out farther and farther, and he'll launch himself at Ababa, push me away, grab David around the legs and shout, "Yenna no" which means "Mine!" Of course the contrary part of my nature loves to make sure that he's watching before I give D a little affection - Bad Mama! Sorry bud, but he was mine first!

Also, Yikealo met some of his cousins last night. James and Susan stopped by for a bit with their four kids. Cole has been waiting for months to meet this little boy, and I snapped a picture of the look on his face as David brought Yikealo out of the house - so sweet! He was even wiping a few tears - this is definitely James' kid!
Yikealo wasn't too sure about these extra kids at our house. He had to make sure that they knew that the ball was HIS! Did I mention that our last update about him from Hannah's Hope said "Yikealo is very territorial"?! They weren't joking!


  1. I just loved reading this post! SO SWEET!! That is just too precious that Cole was actually moved to tears when he saw Yikealo!! Oh my...what a tender heart. The picture of him with the Jame's and Susan's kids cracks me up because he is clutching his ball with a rather 'worried' look on his face...too funny. I am so happy for you guys...What an amazing God!!

  2. Wait a minute..I just noticed typed that post at 4:36 a.m and you said that David and Yikealo were upstairs shouting at the top of their lungs??!!! That is hilarious... ;-)