Monday, April 15, 2013

How Time Flies....

We attended our niece Jana's wedding this weekend. When David and I got married, she and her big sister Julie looked like this:

How is it possible that we have been married long enough that these two little blond girls now look like this?:

It's completely mind-boggling to me, and it's no wonder that I am feeling very old on this Monday morning! :-)

Overall, we had a lovely weekend celebrating with family and friends. The wedding was beautiful, and Jana married a wonderful young man named Tim, whom we welcome to the family with open arms.
Jana and Tim are both finishing their last year of pharmacy school at Ohio Northern University, and are about begin pharmaceutical residencies in the state of Minnesota, where Tim's family lives. Tim has lived in our basement for the better part of the last two weeks, as they finalized their wedding plans, and we have enjoyed getting to know him a little better. My boys were completely obsessed with him, but that's another post for another time!

My youngest brother, Seth, is also graduating from pharmacy school at ONU next month and was an invited to the wedding, so we had the pleasure of spending time with his family this weekend as well. Our kiddos are close in age, and they love to be together. I treasure the time that my boys have with cousins.

As I look at the photos from the weekend, I am struck by the never-slowing march of time. Right now, my little family looks like this:

Our days are filled with teaching letters and numbers, riding bikes up and down our street, reading picture books, interrupting fights over toys and refilling sippy cups with milk. Some days feel like they go on forever, and yet the weeks and months are flying by. Before we know it, if time stands, our family will have reached this stage:

or this one:

and we'll be here:

at our granddaughter's wedding, wondering how in the world we have arrived at this place so quickly?

Today, I am reminding myself to enjoy my precious little boys, even during their not-so-precious moments, because they won't be here for much longer.


  1. Love all the pics! And yes, time is marching on. Wow - it doesn't seem that long ago that Julie, Jana and Jason were little pipsqueaks at your wedding......and look at everything that has happened since then. Now you've got me all nostalgic, too! :)

  2. Having kiddos makes you stay younger- that is my story and I am sticking to it! Ignore the large numbers written next to your birthday and say I am young and have cute kids ;) he he he ...