Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Discussing Future Spouses

As we were driving this morning, I was listening in on the following conversation behind me:

Y: "Hey Sintay, who are you gonna marry?"
S: "I marry Lightning!"
Y: "You can't, because Lightning is a boy, and you have to marry a girl!" (Interesting that there's no mention of the fact that Lightning is a cartoon car, but hey, at least we've got the gender thing down.)
S: "I am too marry Lightning. I like Lightning! Don't you even fink about it....saying not! I AM marry Lightning!"
Y: "But he's a BOY!! You have to marry a girl!"
Y: "Well, that's just dumb. I will marry a girl, not a car that's a boy. I already know who it's gonna be too."
S: "Zoe?" (The girl on Y's online class who he thinks has a "nice voice.")
Y: "Nope! It's someone who was a visitor at our church on Sunday!"
Me: "Aquinnah?"
Y: (beaming) "Yep! That's the one!"
Me: "So you're giving up on Zoe?"
Y: "Did you really think I was always going to like Zoe? I've never even seen her for Heaven sake!"
Me: "Why Aquinnah? Because she's cute?"
Y: "No!"
Me: "Because she draws well?" (They sat together in church on Sunday and drew pictures for each other.)
Y: "No! It's because she is P-E-R-I-T-Y!"
Me: "I already asked if it's because she's cute."
Y: "She's pretty, not cute! Cute and pretty are the opposite of each other, don't you know that?"
Me: "I didn't know that...."
Y: "Hey! Maybe I could be married to Zoe AND Aquinnah! Then I could have one wife with a really nice voice and one wife who is pretty!" (Ah....the fickleness of youth...)
Me: "Sorry, but no you can't. That's against the law, and God says it's a really bad idea. Besides, fortunately for everyone, you don't really have to decide who you will marry when you're only 6. We've got a good long time before we need to make these decisions."
Y: "But I just want to get a job and get married, fer I can start inventing things and get famous."
Me: "But why would you need to be married for that? You could have a job without being married."
Y: "But I would want to have someone pretty to look at when I come home from work!"

(Later in the day, after spending some time at my scrapbooking table, he proudly showed me this and informed me that it was him and Aquinnah.)

And....this is the kind of post for which he will completely hate me in a few years! :-)


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  1. Larisa, this made me laugh!! Aquinnah and I have been discussing a possible marriage ever since Sunday! (Don't tell her I said that, she'd die of embarrassment!) I think it's cute how well they get along. That sweet picture he drew her is going in her memory box ... someday when they're teenagers I'll pull it out! Love the photos!