Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This Kid...

I am interrupting our Ethiopia posts for a bit of levity. On Sunday afternoon, David and I were taking a short nap after church, when we were awakened by an odd sort of clomping sound from the hallway.

entered our bedroom and said, "Okay children, time to wake up. Seems like I am the Dad!" He had "dressed" himself in quite the ensemble of David's clothing: casual button-down worn completely open with a tie, suit pants and formal belt, socks and tennis shoes. Um...yeah...we might need to work on our fashion sense around here just a bit. And no...David does NOT usually dress this way.

This morning, while I was checking the updates on the various blogs that I follow, Yikealo had been taking his bath. I knew that he had gotten out of the tub, but I thought he was in his room getting dressed for the day and making his bed. I should have noticed that things were way too quiet. I really wasn't prepared for the view in my living room when I exited the library:
My child was sitting naked in the rocking chair (he informed me that he had put a towel down so that "my bottom wouldn't touch your chair"), and he had emptied my tissue box (notice the pile of tissues in the lower left corner) and painstakingly cut it into a "hat." His question? "Mom, are you so proud of me?" Hmmm...no, actually..."proud" doesn't quite capture it. Speechless might be a better description for what I'm feeling.

Finally, here's the reason that the silence should have tipped me off. A few weeks ago, I was folding laundry while Yikealo was supposed to be making his bed. You wouldn't normally expect that to be an extremely noisy activity, would you? Well, after hearing "I Want To Be Like You" from Disney's Jungle Book start up four times in a row, accompanied by various crashing, smashing sounds, I decided to investigate. I grabbed my camera and slowly opened his bedroom door, just as he was preparing to start the song again. Here is "Making Your Bed"...Yikealo style:

If he had actually listened and cleaned up his disastrous room the way he was supposed to, the crazy dancing would have been significantly easier, don't you think?


  1. Love the hat, and LOVE the dancing in an obstacle course! Jordan says, "He is funny!" Now they're going to want to watch this over and over today. Thanks for the laughs this morning, and SQUISH that kid!!! HARD!!!

  2. OOOOHHHH!!!!!! PURE BADNESS, FOR SURE!!!! THAT KID NEEDS SERIOUSLY STWISHED!!!!! Seriously, now, aren't you glad you have that entertainment in your life? Just think of how boring your life used to be!!!! I really laughed when he splatted during his dance. Yes, the dancing would have been easier if his room was cleaned up first, but it was far funnier this way!!!

  3. I think everyone needs a Yikealo!!!! That is some serious craziness and fun! he he he he....oh my....