Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last Week of Summer Break, First Day of School

It's hard to believe that our summer break is over, but indeed it is. We tried to fit some extra fun in last week before school started up again.

We met some cousins at the park:
Four little Ethiopians
Notice how Erica's 6 children are smiling nicely, and my 2 are not...

Loving on Shana...

Sintay loved playing with Mimi in the pool.


We went to the zoo:

Sintayehu was absolutely GLUED to the monkey enclosures. He also loved the "ephalants" and begged to see them over and over.

We enjoyed time at James and Susan's:

We stomped around in Mommy's shoes after church:
I'm pretty sure that nothing looks more ridiculous than a 3 year old in a pull-up and high heels....especially when he is chasing after a ball with his brother.

We read lots of books together and checked off the last boxes in Y's summer reading flyer from the Library. His name was drawn for the grand prize, and he won a $25 Target gift card!

So, yesterday was our first day of school. We are homeschooling again, using the same program that we used last year. Mr. Y is a first grader now....I can't believe it! Our first day went great: he said at one point, "Mom, first grade is WAY better than Kindergarten!" His favorite subjects from the day were language arts and art.....hmmmmm.....maybe a child after my own heart??


  1. LOVE all the photos!!!! So cute! And congratulations to Mr. Y for winning the gift card!!!!

    Looks like you all had a fun end to your summer. Hope to see you all again soon!!! <3

  2. Sintay loves elephants, huh? Must be Drewbie's cousin. They went to the zoo recently and apparently he loved the "elphants" too. Congrats to Y for winning the drawing!! More costumes to buy!

  3. Haha - Y's comment about 1st grade made me laugh! Looks like you've been having lots of fun!! I was missing new pics of S, so thanks for updating! Michael and I just mentioned him the other night and Michael said "He's just so cute!" I had to agree! :)