Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Glasses and Twists

Both of my boys are sporting a new look this week: Yikealo just got his first pair of glasses and Sintayehu has his hair in twists.

We learned last week at the eye doctor that Yikealo is nearsighted, and over the course of the week he has gone from his initial disappointment to being ecstatic over the fact that this is just one more way to be like Daddy. When he first tried on the frames last week, his response was, "I look stupid." I asked if he thought that his daddy and I look stupid when we put our glasses on, and he said that we didn't. I said that although he looked a little different, he certainly didn't look stupid, and his mood improved a little. I told him that I had been six when I got my first pair of glasses too. By the time that David came home last night toting the new specs, Mr. Y was VERY excited. He put them on right away and ran around the house and yard exclaiming over the things that he could see. Then he did the next important thing: claimed a spot on the bookshelf for his glasses case....right next to Daddy's, of course. This morning when I told him that I wanted a photo of him in his glasses, he also insisted that I take the following pictures that show him "being just like my Dad."

Sintay's hair is a MUCH different texture than Yikealo's, and it is also much dryer. I have to moisturize it several times a day, which gets a little harder to keep up with as it gets longer. Over the weekend, I decided to put it in twists. It takes awhile, but his very kinky hair will hold the style for a few days. The good thing about it is that the twists hold the moisture into the strand of hair for a longer period of time and when I take them out, his hair looks really healthy. He loves it, and wants to keep looking at himself in the mirror while running his little hands all over his head and giggling. If anything, it makes him look even more ornery, don't you think?

Oh yes, and since the rest of us now wear glasses, guess who thinks he needs to wear his "ga-shashes" constantly too?

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  1. I LOVE Sintay's twists!!! You need to teach me how to do that.

    And Y looks great in his new specs! :)