Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Well, I don't think that I've ever posted twice in one day before, but some things are just too good to let them slide for a day or so! Within 10 minutes of typing in my earlier post today that David and I both felt like we were close to getting our call, the phone rang. When I saw our agency's name on the caller ID, I just KNEW that our moment had come. Sure enough, our caseworker (K) made small talk for a few seconds and then said that she had "a little guy to talk to us about; would this be a good time?"

Unfortunately, it wasn't, as I was in the middle of overseeing Yikealo who was in the middle of an online class with his Kindergarten teacher.  I asked K if I could call her back in a half hour or so, and I immediately called David at work so that he could set up a conference call between the three of us. Then it was back to the computer to learn about Dr. Seuss and to listen to 10 or so Kindergarten students take turns reading painfully slowly: "That hat is yellow. Is it your hat? No, no, no. It is not my hat."  AARRGGHHHH!!!! I don't think I have EVER passed a more excruciating half hour in my entire life!!

Finally, the class was over and we got K back on the phone. Oh my....the details are heartbreaking, but we know that God is a great healer. Our new son is a little over 2 1/2, and he is very malnourished.  He needs your prayers, as does his birth family. We cannot post any photos or personal details about him yet, but for now we'll call him "S". We think that he is beautiful, and he is so OURS! I've heard so many other adoptive parents talk about seeing their referral photos for the first time, and "just knowing" immediately that "this child is mine." I did not experience that at all with Yikealo's referral. God showed us very clearly that he was ours, but I didn't have those loving, possessive, Mama feelings until much, much later. Today was the opposite. The instant that I saw his little face I just KNEW. I can't wait to meet my son!

Yikealo is thrilled, of course! He's been hoping for a little brother, and has spent the evening constantly adding to the list of things that he will be able to teach his new sibling: "Mom, I can teach him how to tie his shoes, and how to blow bubbles, and how to wear costumes! It's okay if I have to share my costumes with him, because then I won't have to dress up by myself anymore! I can help you teach him how to say words too!" I think that the next few months of waiting are going to get very long for Mr. Y....

Here's a photo of him staring at his new little brother, after praying fervently that God would give "S" enough to eat and keep him from dying.

Our agency said that based on the way things have been going recently, we should travel for court in 2.5 - 3.5 months. Assuming all goes well at the court level, we would then be submitted to the US Embassy, and would travel back to Ethiopia to bring "S" home about 2-3 months after that.  The wait is about to get much harder...we have a little face in our hearts now...and we would greatly appreciate your prayers as our process moves forward.


  1. Oh, I can't even imagine how excited Yikealo is! I LOVE the picture of him staring at his new brother! Melts my heart. We are thrilled for you guys, and wish you God's richest blessings throughout the paperwork, wait, court process, travel and embassy reviews. Can't wait to meet little "S" and see you all together as a family of 4!!!! Hugs and congrats!!

  2. Seriously so soooo thrilled for you guys! You were one of the first adoption blogs I ever found and you guys were SO supportive of us through the process so I am just sooo giddy for you :)

  3. How big is he? Our son is also tiny.. and 2.5? What is his weight?

  4. Hooray! Rejoicing with your family! Love you all!

  5. Congratulations! So thrilled for you. I had tears in my eyes when I read this. Praying for S and can't wait till he is home being taught all the important things by his big brother.
    - April D

  6. We rejoice with you & will pray for him & you through the wait! Blessings to you! Cherise

  7. SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soo happy, and yet......the wait.....yes with the hard. PRAYING definitely!!!! Because Y will want to bring him home - TOMORROW :) AND SO WILL YOU! PRAYING!!!!!!!