Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Family Hand-Me-Downs

Today, a sweet family that is currently in Ethiopia for their court trip sent us some new photos of our S. It is amazing to see how much he has grown and changed and filled out since he arrived at Hannah's Hope a little over one month ago. I sat at my computer, flipping through photos, beaming and crying and saying "Look at him!!!!" over and over. Yikealo stood beside me and made helpful comments like, "You already said that, Mom!"

Here's the really cool part: in one of the photos he is wearing the SAME swim trunks that Yikealo was wearing on our gotcha day three years ago.
Mr. Y on June 29th, 2009
Little "S" in a photo taken today. How well I remember Y stuffing a toy car that we had given him into that pocket!

In all of the other photos, he was wearing the same shirt that my nephew Jalen Opiyew was wearing in his referral photos.
Jalen, in a photo from last June.
Little "S" in a photo taken yesterday.

We also have photos of both Jordan Uchan and Jalen Opiyew wearing the red and white striped shirt that Yikealo was wearing on our gotcha day...in fact, Jordan was wearing it on the day that Chris and Erica met him last August.

Erica and I pass clothes back and forth all the time for our boys, and I just love the fact that they're already "sharing" hand-me-downs before they ever make it home. Orange lobsters, "Know Your Bugs", and red stripes....classic fashion statements that make this mama cry!


  1. Love, love LOVE this!!!! What are the chances of all 4 of our boys wearing the same clothes at HH? Isn't that just like God? Amazing!

  2. ahhhh, Larisa, I love this. What a cool connection!!! I'm so glad you got to see some recent pics--what a blessing!!!!!! Praying he'll be home swapping more clothes with Y soon!! :D

  3. SO LOVE THIS!!!!! Such a love note from God. :)

  4. LOVE this! What an awesome connection. It will be a great story that will be told for generations...
    I know we can't see Little S's face...but he is darling. Those sweet little arms and legs. I wanna give him a squeeze. He is absolutely precious!!

  5. Aww this is really fun. All the ways God has woven these children into our hearts and most ways we never even know. Its so stinkin beautiful! I love your family! (in a non-creepy bloggy mom sort of way:)
    Niki J