Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bits from February

Here we are...almost to the very end of the month, and I still haven't posted anything. Sometimes good intentions just get lost in the midst of life, I guess. First of all, I should let you all know our now seriously obsolete February numbers:
There were only 2 referrals that went out during the month of January, so we didn't move at all on the boys list, and only 2 spaces on the girls list. Thankfully, there has been a decent amount of movement on both lists during the month of February, so our March numbers should look a little more encouraging!

As you can see from the photo, we've been inundated with plenty of snow this month - especially during the last week. We had nine inches last Monday and another seven or so on Thursday and Friday. The previous Friday was a beautiful, sunshiney day that reached almost 60 degrees, so it was kind of hard to be covered up with snow again this week. I think that our driveway was completely clear of ice and snow for about 30 hours or so prior to these last two storms! Oh well, I have to admit that it's beautiful - even when the snow is coating the little leaf buds that had just started to appear...

While I'm getting a bit weary of all of the cold, white stuff, Yikealo is loving it. I think that on Tuesday alone this week he spent around 4 hours playing outside in the snow. After church this afternoon, David and Mr. Y headed outdoors to build a snowman. Some time later, they appeared at the front door begging me to "come see something!" When I peeked out the front door, I saw this:
That's right - an entire snow family. "Mom, we even made one for our little boy or girl!" Mr. Y excitedly informed me. Then he wanted to know when I was going to cry: "Daddy said that it would make you start to cry!" Have I ever mentioned how much I love my two boys?!

Speaking of love, earlier this week I was awakened by Yikealo running into my room, jumping on the bed and wrapping his arms around me..."Mom, wake up! I am here to snuggle with you - now how do you think your day will be?" Let's just say that it was a really nice start to the morning!

We learned a few weeks ago that David has active inflammation in his small intestine at both reconnection sites from his last bout of operations. While we were not pleased to learn that his Crohn's disease is showing up in a new area, God has really been impressing upon both of us that He knows our future and His plans for us. There is so much peace in trusting Him with the unknowns, and it is always exciting to see my relationship with my Father growing and stretching. Still, we would greatly appreciate your prayers!

Finally, we learned something really encouraging and exciting this week - the meaning of Yikealo's name. I have a whole post rattling around in my head over our son's first name, so I'll probably have a lot more to say in the near future. For now, I'll just leave you with the profound thought that God has been sharing with us over and over during the last few weeks, and that we now find is the meaning of the name "Yikealo": "GOD IS ABLE!!"

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