Friday, January 28, 2011

Words Fail Me

One cool thing about being a dad is that you never know what awaits you upon opening the door when arriving home from work. Could it be a fighter mighter? Possibly a fierce Lompster?

I could go on for some time, but this post is really all about the pic. Larisa phoned me on my commute home to ensure that I wasn't running late. The reason: my son had a surprise that he could not wait to show me. It is not uncommon for Yikealo to want to share something with me... but nothing prepared me for this:

  • Construction paper mask: check
  • Mama's red V-neck shirt turned inside out and backwards and pinned: check
  • Construction paper insignia: check
  • Black gloves: check
  • Black compression socks: check
  • Mr. Incredible undies worn on the outside: check
Truly, a picture says a thousand words.


  1. hahahahahaha!!!!! Yikealo you have TOTALLY made my day!! I love you buddy :)
    P.S. Z and L LOVE your outfit too!!!

  2. Wow. The undies worn on the outside just make the whole outfit. Yikealo - YOU ARE SO COOL!!!!! I wish I had an outfit like that! (Ok, maybe not quite.) Love you guys, and give that kid a huge squish for me!

  3. I forgot to mention how incredibly impressed I am with your creativity, Larisa!!! You should have made one just like it for yourself!

  4. An outfit like that for Larisa would be something to see! You could write a book about that kid! Another stwish from Grams!

  5. SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!!!!!! What a stinker. (and tell him that "internet kisses" never ever ever wipe off...ever. They are permanent).

  6. too too too cute! We love superheros here too! So glad he is feeling up to dressing up and saving lives!