Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Things Kids Say...

What parent hasn't felt embarrassed at times over the things their small child says in public? We've certainly experienced that with Yikealo lately. As his English has improved and his shyness has disappeared, it has opened up a whole new world of humiliation for this mama! Take these random questions and comments to various people for example:
  • to a lady in front of us at the grocery check-out line: "Are you an OLD lady?" (She just started laughing at the mortified look on my face and answered, "You know, I AM kind of old!" His reply: "Like my Daddy?")
  • to a waitress at a restaurant: "You're kind of a cute girl!" I mean, what is that?? Who wants to hear that they're "kind of" cute? And why is he noticing at this age anyway?
  • to a "vertically challenged" gentleman at church: "Why are you not tall?" This man now thinks that Yikealo is very funny and brings him candy at every opportunity - so much for trying to teach him NOT to ask embarrassing questions!
  • My parents were visiting a couple of weeks ago and Dad was playing ball with Yikealo in the backyard. Y proudly told our neighbors, "This is my grandson!"
  • while waiting in the radiology lab the other day: "Mom why is that lady short and old?" This was, of course, said in a VERY loud voice.
  • to a man at church who has hooks in place of hands: "Why you don't got any hands?" The man replied, "Well, I was in an accident years ago, and I lost my hands." Yikealo gave him quite a look and said with a little snort, "Well, THAT's not good.You get better now, okay?"
  • to an obviously male waiter in his early twenties, "Is your name Sister Miriam?" This comes from one of Yikealo's very favorite Sunday school songs about Baby Moses and his sister Miriam. Needless to say, the guy was not terribly impressed.
  • while shopping in Bath and Body Works last night: "Mom, please tell the lady that her store smells yucky!" This was said basically to the store manager who was restocking a shelf right next to us. She cracked up laughing.
  • to a 70ish lady who held a door open for us: "Thank you, young man!"
  • to the manager at our local Rite Aid (who happens to be completely infatuated with Mr. Y) "Kaka is poop!" Thank you, cousin Quinn, for teaching Yikealo this wonderful information! He is so pleased at knowing it that he now wants to share it with everyone!
We're trying valiantly to teach him about what is and is not appropriate to say to people that are essentially strangers, but so far it's not going so good for us! Any suggestions?

He's also decided lately that he doesn't like to snuggle with Daddy, because "Daddy's too bony. I like Mama, because Mama is soft!"  Hmmmm....that might make me feel good, except that he asked this morning, "Mama, why are you fat?" Oh yeah, thanks a lot, bud. All I can say, is it's a good thing that you're so cute!

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  1. Oh know with that cute smile who can resist...even when what he is saying is not what we would want :)