Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Sister's Blog

For all of the Yikealo fans out there, I thought that maybe I should let you know that my little sister has begun blogging their adoption journey as well. They are using the same adoption agency that we are using, but they are ahead of us in the process by quite a bit at this point, having hit the wait list a few weeks ago. We do, however, have exactly the same parameters as far as age: we are both willing to take a boy or a girl up to age 3. The big difference is that they are on the siblings list as well, while we only plan to adopt one child. Anyway, if you're interested in following along, her blog address is:

Erica and I are only 18 months apart in age, and we grew up sharing a room. When we were younger, we fought about all of the typical sister things: clothes, boys, space, etc., but today I consider her one of my closest friends. It is amazing to be sharing the journey of adoption with her and her family right now - someone else with which to share the many ups and downs involved in the process - and it is so exciting that our children will have cousins from their birth country!

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