Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sintay's "Bible" Story

When David is lying down with the boys at night, and they want a story, he gives them a series of choices:
“Old or New Testament?”

If Old: “Patriarchs or Prophets?”

If New: “Jesus or the Apostles?”

Then finally, “What they said or what they did?”

Once the boys have selected their formula of choice, David does a fantastic job of bringing a Bible story down to their level. The boys love it, and I do too. I’ve been amazed at how many times he makes me realize something that I’ve never thought of before out of a familiar old story.

Tonight, Sintayehu was clearly trying to stall after we said it was time to go to sleep and tried his hand at it:

S: “Kahlo, you want New Tessamint or Possles?”

Y: “Old Testament”

S: “K….Jesus or what ‘er writes or what ‘er dids?”

Y: (giggling) “What he wrote.”

S: “K. Ummmm…..Peter, James and John….ummmm…..went to da beach. Guess what ‘er sawed?”

Me: “The Sea of Galilee?”

David: “Lots of fishes?”

Y: “Boats?”

S: “No. A volcano.” (Much hilarity from Yikealo.) “And nen, dey went in and guess what else ‘er sawed? A bear! A big one! Ummmm….and Peter, James, and John cutted him on da neck. And nen, dey couldn’t get out of da volcano. So dey got a umbrella, and dey went up and up and up and up and nen went on da beach again. Den guess what ‘er sawed? Anudder bear! A little one….a cute one. De end.”

Funny….I don’t remember that story at all! ;-)


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  1. Awesome! I think he got it from the Apocrypha...