Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thoughts From Yikealo

Mr. Y may be growing up quickly, but thankfully the random comments and ideas haven't slowed down yet! Here are some examples from this summer:

While driving past our church one day, he commented, "That is God's house. He sure has a lot of houses! God and Jesus sleep in the same bed?"
Me: "The Bible says that He neither slumbers nor sleeps, so no....they don't even need a bed."
Y: "Well, is He allowed to lay down with His eyes open - like on His side - so He can still see all of us but get some rest?"
Me: "God doesn't need rest like we do."
Y: "He sure must have a lot of energy!"
(My pictures this time are from our beach vacation in May. Since I haven't ever gotten around to blogging about it, I may as well use some photos, right?)

While listening to a story that quoted Hebrews 13:2 on entertaining angels unaware, he looked up with a rather shocked expression and asked, "They entertain angel UNDERWEAR? Does that mean they provide underwear for angels?"

One day, when apparently he needed some extra words of affirmation, he asked, "Mom, which is more, or a dirty truck?"
Me: "You."
Y: (beaming triumphantly) "I knew you'd say that!" I guess that is one way to get compliments....

"Mom, when I am really old - like 14 - and if I am still losing teeth, will the tooth fairy still bring me money?"

Y: "Mom, would you like to eat one of my boogers?"
Me: "Ummmmm.......NO!"
Y: "Well, I eat them sometimes." Excellent....just what I wanted to know.

"Did you know that when I was jumping on the trampoline, my butt had a heart attack?"

Y: "Mom, if you were already dead, but you could still open your eyes, would you just have to wink and then God would let you into Heaven?"
Me: "Huh?"
Y: "Well, Dad said one time that it was just a wink of an eye to get into Heaven."  Let me do some explaining, son!

This child is not only color-blind, but completely fashion-challenged. I allow him to choose his own clothes whenever we are home, but when we go out in public, I generally give him a choice between two outfits that I have pre-selected, which drives him crazy. One day, he was arguing with me about my choices, and he asked why I didn't just let him pick. (His choice that day consisted of a gray t-shirt, khaki shorts, and black soccer socks pulled up above his knees....I rest my case.) I said that I didn't want him to look like a child who had no one to take care of him, and he replied, "Maybe you could just always let me pick my own clothes, but you could just carry a big sign with you that has an arrow pointing to me that says, 'He is not an orphan!'" I guess I could do that.....or I could just pick a nice outfit instead! Here's another recent ensemble:

"Hey, when I am nineteen....I mean, if I'm not married yet....can we do this? Can we race....except that you and Dad can drive the van and I will ride my bike? Who do you think would win?"

"Mom, you can either agree to marry me instead of Dad, or I will have to cut your legs off." Now THERE'S the proper way to woo a potential spouse!

And....a few recent excerpts from his journal:

"If I was a looth tooth I would tell the grone up that is my Dad. I would tell him I felled wigely and loosh. My dad tolled me what would hapin. When I herd that I felt scard cause I didn't want to leve dad."

"When I grow up I will climb lots of trees and hav fun. When I grow up, I will mary Aquinnah. I would say she was lovelly every time I came back from work."

"I'm going to rite about Redwall. A yung mouse named Mithias turns to be a woriar and fights a seur rat named Cloony the skerge. I like it cause it has lots of fighting in it. It is cool how a baby can do a big thing. It makes me think that I can do big things too."

"My family is a big family. My mom is not like dad with her temper. Dad is very callm and mom on the other hand sometimes gets her temper up to a hundered. Sometimes when we did school she got her temper up to a hundered but she yuseuly didn't. Like when we were doing a History lesson but I think it was the lesson." (Nice save, dude!)

"If I was a lizard I would be a kumillyon and if any sterangers came I would stick my tung in there ear two times. I would use camuflog when I went to my cusuns house to play hide 'n seek for they couldn't see me. My owner would be my brother Sintay."

"If I were a toy I would be a Lego guy. I would ride in stuff that my owner made for me. I would be a ninja. I would have osome cars. I would save the world with my cool powers with help from the guys that have gas and wheels."

And my personal favorite: "The thing I hate about school is my Jernle and reading. Sometimes I wish I could just throw it away. But I get over it and just rite." This bit of whining was accompanied by this picture:
Just in case you're wondering, that is me to the right, ordering Y to write in his "jernle." He is wearing the saddest face ever at my cruel demands, while a tiny Sintay happily plays with his truck in the foreground, completely free of the oppressive restraints of dictator Mom. Life can be SO hard when you're seven!


  1. He is so stinkin' smart and entertaining! OH my goodness! I was laughing at the idea of his "butt having a heart attack" on the trampoline--mine too buddy, mine too! And the "entertaining angels' underwear", his marriage proposal (haha!), and the picture at the end of his mom so cruelly making him journal is the icing on the cake. Some day he is going to look back at this and give you a huge hug for saving such a special piece of his childhood. Way to go mom!

  2. Oh goodness! I laughed SO hard. He is one hilarious little guy. Sometimes (okay, often) I wish our boys were next door neighbors but am thinking God knew they'd be way too much trouble in combination! Love, love, love!