Friday, December 14, 2012

More Yikealo-isms

I realize that I've been very lax in posting lately.....not because I don't have 2 constant sources of good material, but because those 2 sources make my life crazy busy. Lots of day-to-day things go undone, the least of which is keeping up with the blog. Yikealo has kept us laughing as usual, however, so here are some recent tidbits:
  • Out of the blue one day, he asked, "Mom, why does everyone think I am so cool?" (Obviously, son, you're quite humble as well.)
  • One evening as supper, he was commenting that although his Dad was very thin, Mama was getting kind of chubby. David informed him that it is never okay to discuss a lady's weight....especially in front of the lady. Y stopped for a minute and then said in his kindest voice, "Mom, you DO have very thin ears." Thanks bud....that really makes me feel better!
  • On the morning of the election in November, David told Yikealo that it was Election Tuesday and that we were going to go vote that day for various offices, including that of President of the United States. Yikealo, who has been spending lots of time listening to Adventures in Odyssey lately, asked if we were going to vote for John Avery Whitaker. David informed him that unfortunately, none of our choices were nearly that good.
  • After saying something that made me smile, Y requested, "Mom, tell Dad what I said that gave you a gleam of joy!"
  • A few weeks ago, Erica texted me a picture of Ashton from Florida. Sintayehu started whining to see Shana too, so Erica scoured her phone for a photo of Shana. The only one she had was a 10-year-old  picture of Shana as a 1 year old. I showed it to Sintay, exclaiming "Here's a picture of Baby Shana." Sintay was thrilled, but Yikealo looked absolutely horrified. His mouth fell open, and he asked in a shocked voice, "Shana's a BABY now?"
  • Yikealo and Sintay were waging a war with some toy knights while I wrapped Christmas presents in the next room. It was quite amusing to listen to them, as every few minutes the battle sounds were interrupted for what Yikealo called a "dance party." I peeked around the corner to see them holding their respective knights together, while they swayed back and forth in time to Yikealo humming Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik." Seconds later, they were back to slinging weapons and shouting, "You're dead!" Boys....who can possibly understand the way their little brains work?
  • In Language Arts one day, Yikealo needed to write down his hopes and dreams for when he grows up. Here is his rather interesting list: "Be a Dad, Have 7 children and 0 girls, Be an inventor, Worship God, Sit on the toylit and play on the i-pad." 
  • At our hotel the other week, both boys were in the shower together, when Yikealo shouted rather frantically from the bathroom, "Dad, we could use some definitely help in here! Sintay keeps trying to touch my nibbles!" When I giggled about his knowledge of anatomy, he informed me, "Mom....(insert eye-roll and a hand-on-the-hip stance)...they are called "nibbles" because that is where a baby learns to eat."
  • This morning in Science, we were discussing the courtship rituals of the whooping crane. While trying to attract a mate, male whooping cranes stretch out their wings and move them back and forth. While their wings are outspread, the cranes hop and squawk loudly. Upon hearing that, Yikealo informed me that he was "going to catch a girl that way someday." I asked for clarification, adding that I didn't really think that human girls were going to find that behavior particularly attractive. Y jumped into action, showing me his version of the whooping crane dance, which he stated would "make the girl stop and stare. When she stops to watch, I will grab her like this!" (taking a flying leap across the room and grabbing at the imaginary girl's ankles.) "Then she will be all mine!" Ummmm.....yeah.....somehow, I think that I'm very thankful that we have lots of time for more training on how to treat a lady.
  • I was complaining one evening about how fast Y is growing up. He asked why I don't want him to get big, and I replied that I do, but it's going to make me very sad someday when he is too big to hold and snuggle. He looked shocked, and said, "WHAT? I will NEVER be too big for you to snuggle me!" Oh son....if only! And yes, I am absolutely going to remind you of that statement when you are 13 or so!


  1. THIN EARS!!!!! Oh, that KID!!!! And I'm so glad that one of his life goals includes sitting on the toilet........ :)

  2. Sitting on the toilet playing the Ipad cracked me up!

  3. HAHAHA!!! SO funny!! The second one is definitely my favorite! Michael and I both got a good chuckle out of it!

  4. Oh, that boy is a hoot!!! How do you get ANYTHING done but laughing!!! Erica, it's toylit!!

  5. Please, please tell me you sent this quote: "asked if we were going to vote for John Avery Whitaker. David informed him that unfortunately, none of our choices were nearly that good." to Focus on the Family!! This is too cute, but sadly so true. Whit would have my vote!