Thursday, July 12, 2012


Just a quick post to share some wonderful news that we received today! As many of you will remember, when we received Sintayehu's referral in March, his bloodwork looked REALLY rough. Our case worker told us that he was so malnourished that they were considering classifying him as a special needs child. His blood chemistry was seriously out of whack and he was dangerously anemic. The first international pedicatrician that we spoke with felt that he was too risky for us to accept his referral, and she said that based on the test results that we had sent to her, he had some potentially big problems. She didn't believe that the anemia was due to the malnutrition, but that instead he was probably dealing with sickle cell anemia and some other things. God showed us clearly that we were to move ahead anyway, which you can read about here. We believed His promises and prayed for His healing.

Anyway, this morning I took a call from the international pediatrician that we took him to last week. His bloodwork looks great! His chemistry is perfect, his anemia is gone, and he does not have sickle cell or anything else that the doctor is at all concerned about. The only thing that we have to treat is giardia (an intestinal parasite that 95% of adopted children from Ethiopia have. Yikealo had this too, back in the day. In retrospect, we should have been praying that away as well!) We are so thankful, and so in awe of our Jesus!

Here's a photo that shows just why we are so appreciative of Hannah's Hope and the wonderful care that S received there:
The left side shows him on his first day at HH. He was thin, sick and lethargic. The right side shows him the week after he arrived at our home. He left the transition home a happy, well-fed, energetic little boy. It is amazing what a difference a few months can make!


  1. That is incredible news and I am so happy to read this! God is good :)

  2. PRAISE THE LORD! SO, SO thankful for this wonderful report! Thank you for keeping us updated!