Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Luggage

I've been surprised at how many people have asked about our luggage. Apparently, we left you hanging with our spotty posting in Ethiopia for which I profusely apologize. Let me recap the timeline:
  1. 10-10:45 PM 6/19 - stand at carousel looking for luggage
  2. 10:45-11:15 PM 6/19 - work with Ethiopia Airways representative on our lost Lufthansa luggage (yikes...).
  3. 11:15 PM 6/19 - assured that luggage would be on tomorrow's Lufthansa flight LH598
  4. 9:30 PM 6/20 - call Bole airport, assured that LH598 has landed but since the system is down representative could not confirm arrival of luggage. Recommended to come to airport
  5. 9:50 PM 6/20 - arrive at airport. LH598 has not landed. It is delayed.
  6. 9:50-11:15 PM 6/20 - drink buna bu'wetet (coffee with milk) and play Civ Revolution on my i-Phone while waiting for flight. No estimate on arrival.
  7. 11:15 PM 6/20 - return to hotel sans luggage as there is no information on when to expect flight LH598 and no way to let Larisa know what is happening
  8. 11:25 PM 6/20 - get halfway to hotel and return to airport for a more important guest
  9. 11:55 PM 6/20 - finally get back to hotel
  10. 12:00AM 6/21 - medicate self to counteract buna bu'wetet
  11. 8:30 AM 6/21 - call airport to ensure luggage has arrived. System still down. Instructed to come in
  12. 8:50 AM 6/21 - arrive at airport, clear security at doors and again at the baggage claim. Representative instructs me to look for the luggage myself (unclaimed luggage area roughly 25' high by 60' long by 15' deep)
  13. 9:00 AM 6/21 - find my luggage
  14. 9:30 AM 6/21 - return to hotel
  15. 10:00 AM 6/21 - delight Sintayehu with lots of new toys and snacks
  16. 10:15 PM 6/21 - receive phone call from airport indicating that they have our luggage...and we can come pick it up at the airport., you don't, because we've had it in our hotel room for over 12 hours now!
Thank you all for your donations and prayers.


  1. That last phone call from the airport still makes me laugh!!

    Miss you guys!!!

  2. Ha! Sounds just like Ethiopia!! :)