Friday, April 13, 2012

The King of Random Questions

Living with a 5-year-old boy provides a fascinating glimpse into a rather chaotic brain! Yikealo asks a steady stream of some of the most random questions that you can imagine. Here are some recent examples:
  • "What do badgers do?"
  • "What is a 'nightmeer'? Quinn says that he has one every three years."
  • "Can Satan hear what we are saying right now?"
  • "Can we please visit Antartica soon? I'd like to start a grocery store for penguins."
  • "Are ghosts real?"
  • "Mom, do you like to talk to squirrels? I just talked to one! I asked him a question, and he answered me! He said either "Yes" or "No"...I couldn't quite tell."
  • "How long would it take us to walk backwards to Florida?"
  • "What does 'Jor' mean in Jordan?"
  • "Mom, you know those bugs that look like leaves? Do they have blood inside them?"
  • "Dad, who's or Frankie?"

Now, imagine these questions being asked rapid-fire, one right after the other, and you'll have a fairly good idea what most of our days around here are like. I can only imagine the questions that he'll come up with in Ethiopia next week...


  1. I think your next posting should be the answers to all of the questions. 'Cause I'm kinda curious myself...

  2. I agree with Julie. I definitely want the answers. And why didn't I ever think of starting a grocery store in Antarctica for penguins? There aren't many of them, I'm sure. Squishes are in order for Mr. Y, that is for sure!!!