Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Fun!

After getting about 7 inches of snow over the last 2 days, David and Mr. Y decided to show me their new favorite place this morning. At the end of our little dead-end street, is a large wooded area, complete with trails, little streams, and some serious hills. We discovered it during 2010's long, beautiful autumn, and we enjoyed quite a few long walks along the trails. This past fall was very wet, and we didn't have the chance to visit the woods, but now we have uncovered its incredible beauty by winter. The best part? A steep hill with a long, straight stretch at the bottom...absolutely PERFECT for sliding down on Yikealo's little snowboard.
Okay, true confessions here: I may have shrieked like a banshee on my first trip down the hill, but boy, was it ever fun! And...a certain five-year old thinks it is the best thing ever.

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