Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Questions of a Little Boy

Here is a sampling of the questions from our resident 5-year-old over the last couple of weeks:
  • "What does 'RAHR' mean in tiger?"
  • "Can dinosaurs that have wings fly faster than a racecar can drive?"
  • "Mom, is a truck bigger than 5 people standing on their heads?"
  • "When we get to heaven is God going to give all of us Jesus costumes?"
  • When I told him that his cousin Zavier had broken his clavicle and had to wear a sling for awhile, Y interpreted it this way for David: "Dad, do you know who broke his arm and has to wear a pistol?"
  • "Why do forks always have to be bigger than spoons?"
  • Near my parents' home, there are many new windmills going up, which prompted this question: "Mom, do these windshields help our lights or only these peoples' lights?" When I told him that most of the power being generated by the windmills was going to New York, he was quite excited..."So it goes to Big Bird?!?!"
  • While watching a video about China, "Mom, does this get to count as school because I'm learning about Chanada?" (Yeah, we're still not doing so well in history!)
  • "Mom, is Lion King only a veggie tale?" (I'm pretty sure he meant fairy tale!)
There are definitely times when the lack of vocabulary can cause some pretty interesting conversations. I had recently shared various stories about our trips to Michigan with Yikealo, and he decided that he needed some clarification from his Uncle Seth:
Y: "Seth, when you were in Michigan on those round things...Mom, what are those called again?"
Me: "Do you mean when he was roller-blading?"
Y: "Yeah...when you were doing that, did a fish bite your butt?"
Seth: (looking utterly confused) "Did a fish bite my butt while I was roller-blading?"
Y: "Yeah."
Seth: "No...I can't say that it did."
Y: "Well, did you get any goosebumps?"
Me: (with slowly dawning comprehension) "Oh, Seth, I'll bet he's talking about the time that you and I swam across the lake on the inner tubes. He didn't mean roller blades at all! Yikealo, are you talking about the big inner tubes that we had in the water?"
Y: "Yeah, and you and Seth were swimming in them. Did any fishes bite you?"
Seth: (laughing) "I don't remember being bitten by any fish, but that does make a lot more sense now!"

You just never know what Mr. Y will come up with next!


  1. Those are ADORABLE!!!! I especially like the Jesus costume idea!!!!!! :)

  2. Does mr. Y know what RAHR means in "Erica"? It means give that kid squishes!!