Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We're Still Here...

Okay, okay, I know that I'm woefully behind in keeping up with this blog, and I promise that updates of our exciting life (ha ha!) will be coming soon! After all, this is one way that I record memories for myself nowadays. However, we've been busy getting into the swing of school lately, as well as going on vacation, so maybe I can be excused from the lack of posts, right?

As a start back into posting, I thought I'd share one brief tidbit from this morning...this should prove to all of you that some things haven't changed at all. A few moments ago I heard some unearthly howling coming from Frankie in the living room. I mean, these were sounds that she only makes when she sees my mother (Frankie HATES my mom, who teases her unmercifully.) I walked out to investigate and saw this:
Yes, the boy pretending to attack the cat with dual light-saber action, complete with special sound effects. He wasn't coming all that close to her (he knows better), but she was NOT impressed with the assault on her kingdom. She was giving him her "if you come any closer I will personally bite your head off" look. (She is sometimes convinced that she is a tiger in her other life.)

Ah with a five-year-old boy...


  1. Now, what do you mean Frankie hates your mother???? And what is this...she teases her unmercifully???? Frankie is delighted to see me come through the door! Her eyes get huge with delight!!!! She asks for all the trouble she gets, you know!!! Cleo doesn't.