Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recent Quotes from the Resident 4-year old

  • as I was washing dishes: "Mom, I would like to dry for you. Would that be helpful?"
  • after taking a bite of a new dish: "Hmmm....not TOO bad..."
  • "Mom, am I just too cute for words?"
  • while talking on the phone to his cousin Shana: "Bye! Over and out!"
  • as I walked out of my bedroom dressed for the day: "Mom, that outfit is horrid."
  • after being reprimanded: "Mom, can I tell you something? Sometimes it's just really hard to be good."  (Don't I know it, buddy!)
  • "A-E-I-E-A-P-T-E-Y. Mom, do you know what that spells? It spells 'elephant'!"
  • after listening to some geese honking overhead: "Mom, why do those geese always squeak like that?" Me: "Well, that's just how geese talk to each other." Y: "Oh. Well, how do a pygmy marmoset talk?"
  • first thing this morning: "Mom, I'm sorry that I was not being a good little boy last night. Will you forgive me?" Awwwwwwww!
  • after showing me some accomplishment: "Did you ever know I was this smart?"
  • while complaining about bedtime: "Why do little boys always hafta go to bed early?" Me: "Because little boys need lots of rest so that they can grow up big and strong." Y: "But you LIKE me to be little."
  • prayers at bedtime: "Thanks for God and for mom and for we're getting a little boy or a little girl and they don't have much to eat. Please give them much to eat and please help the peoples to not get sick, and for Daddy have a belly ouchie (he still remembers David's stoma from last fall) and for You will make him all better and for Mom would not let me play my game on the pincuter (computer) and for that was not nice. In Jesus name, Amen."
  • "Hey Mom, you know what? God loves you when you're a bad girl and he love you when you're good. And He love Daddy when Daddy is good, but He still love Daddy if he is bad. And me too. God love me when I'm a good little boy, and He still love me if I be bad. Is that the troof (truth)?"
  • "Mom, you're a very cute little girl."
  • after being told to stop pouting just because he had not gotten his way: "But Mom, why you ALWAYS get YOUR way?" Me: "I don't." Y: "Well, it seem like it to me."


  1. I think I'll adopt Yikealo's spelling of elephant. Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

  2. He definitely DOES need squished, that's for sure.

  3. Let's make that 3 votes for "He needs SQUISHED!!" Oh, he makes me laugh!

  4. LOL - too funny. So how DO pygmy marmasets talk??