Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Introducing George...

As of today, Yikealo has developed an imaginary friend named "George." George is, of course, a monkey. (Hmmm...I wonder where he might have gotten THAT idea?! I have a feeling that this particular friend bears a striking resemblance to a certain simian creature created by Margret and H.A. Rey.)

George seems to hang out mostly in our car, where he sits beside Yikealo's carseat and takes an inordinately long time to climb in and out, and in Yikealo's bed, where he wears a red sleeper just like Yikealo's and shares Y's stuffed doggie.

So far, I think that George exists mainly to give the boy someone to boss around and to serve as a scapegoat. As I was leaving Yikealo's bedroom tonight, I noticed a certain foul smell in the air, and asked, "Yikealo, did you toot?" I was assured that no, he had not tooted. It was George...


  1. Ahaaahaaaha!!! :-) Too funny! Everyone needs a George to blame things on, don't they??

  2. Tooo adorable! Our kids have imanginary friends too...which I thought was a bit strange since they already have so many brothers and sisters, but hey, cute.