Monday, August 3, 2009

I think he's getting the message...

One of the blessings of adopting a slightly older toddler is that he is mostly potty-trained. I say "mostly" because he does have occasional accidents, usually when he is so deeply involved in something that he doesn't think to mention that he needs to go until it is too late to make it to the bathroom in time. This generally results in a slightly grouchy lecture from Mama, followed by a five-minute "time-in" in the living room chair. (For those of you not familiar with adoption lingo, a time-in is basically the same thing as a time-out, with the difference being that a time-in involves the child being in the same area as you. Generally, it is a very bad idea to send a newly adopted child away - ie: their room - because it just gives them one more chance to mentally separate themselves from you, their new parent.)

Anyway, the "lecture" usually goes something like this - with me pointing emphatically to the appropriate objects:

Me: "Listen, Yikealo, this is not good! You need to go on the potty! Shinte (slang for 'gotta go pee') pants - AYDELEM! (NO) Shinte potty - OW! (YES) You need to tell Mama. If you have to go, ala (say) 'Mama shinte!' and we'll go to the potty."

Yikealo, in a very quiet, sad voice: "Eh-shi, (OK) Mama."

Of course, when we do reach the toilet in time, he always wants me notice his dry undies, and then he pats himself on the chest and says proudly, "Good job!"

Well, he stayed dry all night last night, which both David and I made a BIG deal about this morning. Since then, he has been walking around the house saying over and over, "Pants - AYDELEM! No, no!" complete with the same shaking forefinger that I'm typically using.

At lunch today, he looked at me with a stern scowl, pointed to me and said, "Listen, Mama! Pants - AYDELEM! Ala, 'Yikealo, shinte!' and go potty!" (pointing to the bathroom.)

Yeah, right, bud - like I need lectured on using the bathroom by a three-year-old! It is very bizarre to watch a little boy imitating me, but at least I know he's getting the message!


  1. I love reading your posts- makes me giggle, and it's so close to what I think- a lot!!!

  2. that is simply the best thing i have seen all week.
    i am laughing so hard. we have that EXACT same conversation here...
    all i can say the nice people at HH LIE!
    they get your hopes all up and then you feel like a failure when they kaka in their pants.
    thanks for sharing that great video!
    love from colorado
    amanda and co.